Tonight’s rainy task before I strode the low tide was to sure-foot with the capricious fellows of the Mound Rock, Sutherland, northern Scotland

feral iii

tousled east of Pittentrail, legs stalwart, hooves

magnificent as Pan, piping venal excess

as Nannies frolic in their granites.

Billies browse the opposition, summoning

might to risk the herd’s usurper

whose hornèd head is tight

with hormones and the nascent

frise caprice to fight

© Kathy Labrum McVittie May 2022

According to Collins English Dictionary, frise is a fabric with a long normally uncut nap used for upholstery and rugs.

Perhaps appropriate for inclusion in another quadrille about the wild goats of Rogart, Sutherland, in response to dVerse’s Poets’ Pub

Tonight the gauntlet has been thrown eloquently by Linda Lee Lyberg. She bids us include a form of the word browse in a poem of exactly 44 words.