writing presence

practising for a whole life

Welcome to writing presence, which is…

shyly spreading pollen

… an occasional sharing of what I smile at, what I cry with, what touches me, and some of the rest. It’s a journey towards wholeness, pencil in hand like a torch in my darkness. It’s a place of thresholds, doorways, gaps in the hedge, and paragate  (skip the ad on the youtube link to get to the beautiful chant sooner).

I am a writer, biologist, poet, gardener, lover, mother, and friend. Journalling, poetry, letters, essays, and songs have been my shelter from the too-bright sun, and are my joyful occupation now that I have moved north for summer, like the swallows, to Dhruvaloka.

For the rest of my life, I am dropping down more deeply into play, song, poetry, dance, and metaphor. Sometimes serious, sometimes sad, occasionally skeptical and irreverently comical. Sometimes in the land of Thule, sometimes in the groves of academe. Always invited onward to look towards The Bright Field.

Often beside my compost heap, enjoying the remaking of Good Brown Earth by the annelid worm recyclers. We all have a relationship with dung, after all.  Where there’s muck, there’s grass. And I love to dance upon the young bright turf.