Again a challenge from Ingrid in the dVerse community: dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

This is the gauntlet that she laid down:

Good evening, Poets, and welcome to Prosery: the prompt where we write prose based on some given lines of poetry. This can be flash-fiction or creative non-fiction, but it cannot exceed 144 words in total (not including the title) and must not be poetry (no versification, line breaks, metre, etc.)

Now that the rules are out of the way, let’s take a look at the lines. I’ve taken them from Wordsworth’s ‘Lines Written at a small distance from my House…‘ which is included in the collection Lyrical Ballads, a groundbreaking poetic collaboration between Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, published in several editions between 1798 and 1802. The ‘Lines’ of this poem are addressed to his sister, Dorothy, and the particular lines I have picked out for you are these:

And bring no book, for this one day
We’ll give to idleness.

Here is my writingpresence purple prose offering, all pure phantasy of course 😉

Ready to be visited by other prosaic peoples, while I go on a prose-nose about the blogosphere to find theirs. You can do the same by referring to the dVerse article.

Cherries at midnight

No book, but the infinite plot possibilities of your guffaws and gigolo grimaces. Idling like a kerb-crawling mousie on my recycled hearth-rug. No poetry they say, but how could there not be, in the rhythm of the trapped bird of our breathing and at the chiming of the belly laughs resonating off the flue of the stove where the ash collects like so many worn out bones of birch, gorse, and pine. The howling of the Wolf Moon, when all January’s fullness wanted was your friendship, and that was a year ago and recounting. No book, but an echoing of the silent anagram: drained today, I wallow in the spoils, and I am here for you, alone, rolling ripe cherries around my tongue.

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