When I was a child, there were links with America because my mother was an adherent to a religion founded in USA, and also because my father’s sister (a war bride) and mother had both emigrated to Canada in 1940s, long before I was born. (Neither my grandmother Fanny Salome Haynes – nor her husband Albert John Labrum who had predeceased her – were alive for my conception and birth, nor for my third sister, five years senior.)

So I am not a stranger to the concept of Thanksgiving Thursday [which I discussed more fully in writing our way whole: 36 at home a year ago]. Indeed as children we were instructed that ‘counting our blessings’ was a necessary adjunct to happiness, and ‘thank you letters’ featured (oft-times weightily, onerously) at Christmas.

Which brings us back (I hope not burdensomely) to our regular ‘appreciation practice’ on these pages, with mine below, followed by yours, which you can sign and date as Thanksgiving Day 2021. And share with us, if you so wish, either in the Comments box below or by direct contact with me.

Today I am grateful for first snow on the big hill (Col-bheinn) behind; just a dusting

Today I am grateful for being up and breakfasted to watch the light come in

Today I am grateful for recovering quickly from yesterday’s reaction to Tuesday’s COVID booster immunisation {although I felt so rough that I cried myself to sleep last night: better now 🙂 I am glad to say }

Today I am grateful for my dream about an insect identification book, so vivid that I was convinced it was real–especially the pages headed ‘bits’ and ‘bobs’

Today I am grateful for seeing the 0816 train arriving, slowing to the station, and hearing the ‘ho ha ho’ sound of its hooter

Today I am grateful for having managed (deliberately and with poorliness) to miss the first meeting of three, pre-requisites for applying for the arts grant I may have told you about. Believe me that this feels a positive step forwards, for complicated reasons.

Today I am grateful for seeing my friends Donnie and Wilma going past my home with their dog Bunty, all three of them today. This makes me happy for their good health and their kindnesses (they sometimes put out my waste bin when I have forgotten, and Donnie relates tales of Caithness in the 1970s)

Today I’m grateful for this recent post by my friend Jill Elizabeth, in the meditation community where we belong: https://www.wildmind.org/blogs/on-practice/the-one-thing-that-will-always-slow-your-mind

Love – and appreciation for you, readers and sharers – from Kathy xxx

Appreciation practice

Today I am grateful for: