Here is a (rather doggerel) poem in which "anger, thrust, blame" become transformed, at least in their spellings. Posting for dVerse Open Link Night 337

Spears into blossoms

When the meditating Buddha Shakyamuni was bombarded by Mara - the embodiment of unpleasantness/evil/death - he deflected the weapons, and they transformed into flowers

 whene'er the trance of harm appears

    the anger, thrust, and blame throw spears.

    Oh, would I nurse them in my arms

    with comfort, grace, and soothing balms

    Oh, may I let their burdens rest

    and let their gift be manifest

  -  no more as anger, thrust, and blame -

    as angels, trust and holy flame

© Kathy McVittie 27 April 2023