Hastily responding to a challenge from De at dVerse to include a “gasp” in our creation of just, and exactly, 44 words.

I ask myself, is a gasp merely an intake of breath or is there in its startle, its awe, a premonition of the desire for sublimation?

A grasp, perhaps, after fulfilment? (A grasp is just a gasp with an ‘r’ in the mouth)

And a gasp without the sibilant opens up a gap. There are some other wordy wriggles to work with, another time.

On with the quadrille

putting myself to bed

to relax into perfumed warm

waters that don’t cost the earth;

to dry my tender skin

on clean hot towels;

to smooth and anoint my feet

with healing;

to fold again into sheets;

cool pillow to restore my soul –

O gasping for home

© Kathy Labrum McVittie 7 March 2023