Tonight’s challenge from Mish at dVerse Poets’ Pub is to write a poem of exactly forty-four words, sharp with ICE.

Remembering the Snow Queen’s life-numbing grip of my own old heart recently, I was drawn, chilled, or spelled to mention her. (She was immortalised by Hans Christian Andersen and has appeared in many films and ballet performances.)

And then to my sparkling delight I found a photo that my college friend Carol had sent me from Charlecote Park. It’s a National Trust property in the English Midlands, where the Ice Queen and her sinister throng had passed by just before Christmas.

Ice Queen, Kay, Kathy

In his heart a wedgèd splice.

She was wanton; was not nICE;

she: destruction of the soul –

frozen Kay is on parole

till sweet Gerda’s tears elute

evil witch’s chill repute –

Prithee, soul friend, wilt thou thaw

with compassion my (c)old core?

© Kathy Labrum McVittie 23 January 2023