Warm from a book launch for The Path to Forgotten Freedom: Healing Unresolved Ancestral Trauma by Nicola Smalley

Whimsygizmo at dVerse Poets Pub encourages us tonight to pen scare-words in the Quadrille poetic form – 44 words exactly.

My quadrille at Samhain includes ‘scaremonger’ then relates to making peace with, and for, the ancestors whose historic trauma we may still feel in our lives – as grumble or anguish in my case – and celebrating what positives the Old Ones have gifted to us.


'Scaremonger': a mongrel mouthful

between 'grumble' and 'anguish'.

Perhaps I'm a grand-witch...

Yet - honouring these generations

who stand behind my chair

in a lineage fan - 

I open to trauma healed;

easing my forebears home into peace,

releasing into freedom

their restless paths.

© Kathy Labrum McVittie 31 October 2022

(remembering Hannah Labrum my great-grandmother and her perhaps lover: "John Flack, gentleman")