Sarahsouthwest at dVerse Poets Pub suggested Lee Madgwick’s mesmerising images as a starting point, saying:

I first came across Lee’s work on Twitter – @LeeMadgwick – and was struck by his surreal landscapes, and those enigmatic buildings. I immediately wanted to share them with you guys, and see what poetry came out of them, and Lee was kind enough to give me permission to do that. Please stick with these images, as these are the ones we have permission for – but if you want to see more of Lee’s (amazing) work, you can find him at

So it’s very simple tonight – choose an image, and write a poem inspired by it.

Fenland townhouse

tethered there
brick-worn in the weathered air
silvered reeds as feathered wear

boat or bargement
windowed door and gaping archment
silty fen and sandy parchment

sulky sky
cuttings, droves and eel-y eye
stir the bunting's lullaby

 © Kathy Labrum McVittie 13 September 2022

I lived near the Cambridgeshire fens, Eastern England, for most of my adult life. The boat in the reeds is familiar enough, but the dreamlike edifice transforms the scene to something bridging to my childhood home in northwest England, where the red bricks were familiar. The Canal through Chester cut through Triassic sandstone, from which the house bricks had been made.

The 'bunting' might relate to the Reed Bunting (bird) or to a song that my mum sang me when I was tiny: 
'Bye baby bunting, 
Your dadda's gone a-hunting
He's going to get a rabbit-skin
To wrap a baby bunting in''