On Tuesday Merril from dVerse Poets’ Pub set the challenge of writing inspired by one of a given group of illustrations of the theme of summer.

Summer Squall by Winslow Homer

I chose a storm-shredded seascape by the New Englander Winslow Homer, that reminded me of read-aloud sessions with ‘Odysseus’ at family bedtime in the 1990s, when I lived near Newcastle (as did this US artist during 1881-82), much later (2018) migrating to Brora, Sutherland in the far north of Scotland. (Duiker = swimsuit)

Homeward bound, Messina via Newcastle to Brora

They came from each direction, all at once
converging in a wanton energy
I spun and later fell as if in trance
transported in a waveform synergy
and as I tumbled, snatching weed and stars
Charybdis grumbled: "Scylla, grab his arse!"

I've brought my duikers and his wetsuit; here
my towel, sodden, full of briny dew; 
a greaseproof bag of crisp potato chips
and haddock, battered, vinegar be-strew;
we have a-plenty salt for any diet
and stormy seasoning to keep you quiet

I've hear it said, before and since as well,
that selkies live upon these golden sands
and sirens on this northern shore-line dwell
receiving angler fish with opened hands;
and facing south, I see the beacon light
that guides me home to you each Thursday night

© Kathy Labrum McVittie 7 June 2022