I wear pigtails these days, in solidarity with Greta Thunberg.

So when I received an email from three young environmental activists – Greta from Sweden, Vanessa from Uganda, Dominika from Poland – I followed their invitation to sign “one of the biggest calls to leaders the world has ever seen”.

Will you join me?

Please sign, and I’ll try not to send such a blatantly, urgently important request again, at least until the next time I feel compelled by my conscience. For Earth’s, and for their generation’s, sake.

Will you join me? Please read her message below and click to sign!

Add my name

Dear friends,

Humanity is failing to stop the climate crisis. It’s way beyond urgent.

Right now world leaders are meeting for historic climate talks — but pledges without real action won’t cut it anymore.

So I’ll be at the talks with inspiring youth leaders like Vanessa Nakate and Dominika Lasota — we’ll personally meet dozens of governments. It’s the perfect opportunity to deliver a giant call for urgent action. Join us: add your name with one click and pass this on. Add my name To world leaders,


That’s how young people around the world are describing our governments’ failure to cut carbon emissions. And it’s no surprise.

We are light years from the crucial goal of 1.5°C, and yet governments everywhere are still spending billions on fossil fuels.

This is not a drill. Millions will die as our planet is devastated — a terrifying future created, or avoided, by the decisions you make. You have the power to decide.

As citizens across the planet, we urge you to face up to the climate emergency, NOW:
Keep the precious goal of 1.5°C alive with urgent action to halve global emissions by 2030. End all fossil fuel investments, subsidies, and new projects immediately, and stop new exploration and extraction. End ‘creative’ carbon accounting by publishing total emissions for all consumption indices, supply chains, international aviation and shipping. Deliver the $100bn promised to the most vulnerable countries, with additional funds for climate disasters. Create green jobs, protect the most vulnerable, and use climate action to reduce inequality. Just one inspiring leader could make all the difference. It will take immense courage — but know that when you rise, billions will be right behind you.

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It can feel incredibly hard to keep hope alive in the face of inaction. But my hope lies in people — in the millions of us who are rising to save the future. It lies in our marches, in our dogged determination to keep fighting, and in our trembling voices as we speak truth to power. My hope is rooted in action and fuelled by a love for humanity and our most beautiful earth. It’s what keeps me absolutely convinced that we can do this. And we must do this. Together. With fierce hope,

Greta from Sweden, Vanessa from Uganda, Dominika from Poland, and the whole team at Avaaz

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Thank you from writing presence, for reading this and for sharing your kindful voice in whatever way you can.

{ Earth hug }

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