I am an occasional user of Facebook, and among the groups I follow is one simply called Sangha.

(In Sanskrit and Pali, Sangha means ‘assembly’ (Wikipedia ref) and “most commonly refers in Buddhism to the monastic community of bhikkhus (monks) and bhikkhunis (nuns)”.)

In the spirit of the Facebook group Sangha:

Much has been written and spoken about our inner children and how we might befriend them and learn from their beautiful wisdom and tender vulnerability.

I was moved by this sharing (by Jorge Navarro, in June 2018) and I want to share it with you.



The inner child

By Thich Nhat Hanh

En cada uno de nosotros hay un niño herido que sufre (….) Pero sólo porque lo ignoramos no significa que no esté ahí.

El niño interno herido pide nuestra ayuda, cariño y amor pero hacemos todo lo contrario.

Necesita que regresamos (…) Necesitamos abrazarlo y sanarlo.

An English translation was provided (automatically generated?), which I have edited lightly to let it flow better.

Perhaps friends who speak Spanish may be able to improve my translation further?

The inner child

by Thich Nhat Hanh

In each of us there is a wounded child who suffers (….) just because we ignore them does not mean that they are not there.

The wounded inner child asks for our help, care, affection, and love, and yet we do the opposite.

S/he needs us to come back (…) we need to hug them and heal them.



Go, hug; heal!

May you be hugged; may you become whole…