Finding this very helpful at the moment – actually started this course in April and have been following it (and its sequel sitting with Bodhi II which you are offered after the first course) ever since.

Worth every penny/pound/dollar – and by paying a tad more, you can opt to keep the mp3 recordings for ever on your device/laptop.

It is altering (for the better) my relationship with meditation/contemplative prayer.

The beautifully calming “voiceover ” part is ten-minutes per session, and Bodhipaksa invites us to sit on for longer in silence.

There are 42 sessions. You get to choose your own pace and duration, with each session delivered the day after you download the previous one. Magic!

No judgement, no rules.

Immense kindness, which we are encouraged to turn towards our body, and to our steady breath, and towards our core/heart.

There is a sample here, a link to a YouTube recording, which I have taken from Bodhipaksa’s Facebook page. I’m sure he won’t mind the publicity for his superb, safe and supportive work.


(Sadhu! is an exclamation of delight, pleasure and congratulation – hip hip hooray!)

Please let me know if the links don’t work – only then can I fix them!