welcome to the writing journey
welcome home to the gentle breath that sustains you every day of your life
welcome to the words that dance upon the open page
In 2016 I started writingpresence.com with these words:
I am compiling a lucky dip of exercises and activities that have emerged
from a three-year ‘writing our way’ collaboration with friends.
An exhausting and transformative year later, added:  Here is one to play with.
Now in 2022. as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, further developing global scenarios challenge the tender flames of our candles of hope.
In service to the lady Brighid, I offer free-to-use resources to support and energise our writing-for-wellbeing.
Here you will find:
  • ©writing our way whole at home (©WoWWaH)from March 2020 to 2022 , over 50 episodes and counting;
  • a selection of poems, prose poems, and essays, offering dips into memory and dream, trance and treachery;
  • links to some of my publications;
  • tantalising clues to some of my responses, ancient and modern, to the conundrum:  “this difficult task of being human”
My tail wags when people leave a Like on my creations. Maybe you can spare me the price of a good coffee (or a weak tea – mine’s a Fairtrade leaf Darjeeling, or a pint of Scottish Blend in my rainbow mug). That’ll help me with ongoing training.
I welcome your comments on individual posts, and particularly feedback on the value of exercises I share.
You can contact me privately too. (I may not respond immediately if on retreat – up to a fortnight).
Most of all, I trust that here we might find joy, easefulness, and friendship. Thanks for dropping by!
Dr Kathy Labrum McVittie,  biologist, life-writing companion & poet